The Millionaire-Making Business Opportunity that Pays You Thousands for Each Converting Lead...


“Now You Can Make $3,000-$5,000 More
Per Sale with Your MOBE License
Without Doing Any More Work... Just by
Upgrading to Titanium or Platinum!”


Matt Lloyd reveals the "Missing Secret" that almost all 7-figure earners use to
build their wealth as fast as humanly possible. Find out below how you can
collect regular $5,000 commissions without ever having to sell to
anyone - not on the phone or in person. It's that easy.

For MOBE Licensees ONLY!


From Matt Lloyd,

Dear friend,

If you're tired of chasing tiny commissions and want to start making the real money you joined this business for in the first place, then I am happy to introduce you to the opportunity you've been waiting for since you first discovered entrepreneurship.

Almost everyone I know who makes millions of dollars (not counting CEO's with thousands of employees) have gotten to that place by selling high-ticket items (minimum $2,000+) on the back-end.

You may have noticed that many affiliate programs pay 50%, 80%, or even 100% commissions for their intro products and the reason why is simple... they make thousands more on your referred customers by selling them very expensive products afterward and never let you in on any of the profits... even though those big back-end sales happened all because of YOU!

This also gets a little insidious when you realize that some of these front-end offers are almost designed to lose money so the marketers can have fresh leads to sell their expensive products and coaching programs to.  This is called a "loss leader" where a big company or guru sells a starter product, spends a ton on advertising and loses money until enough customers buy the big multi-thousand dollar products to give the company enormous profit.

The affiliates, who promote these front-end offers end up advertising for the big names, get paid a little bit, and then have to struggle month after month to make meager dollars in commission.

And if you have your own $47-97 product you're selling, it's almost impossible to compete because the big names can always outspend you on advertising when they make their money on the back-end later on.

Today I want to give you that back-end sales opportunity and show you how you can get regular $3,000 to $5,000 amounts deposited into your bank account like clockwork.

In every affiliate program, there's a limit of how much you commission you can make on a single product, simply because the items only cost so much in the first place.  (Even if you get a 50% commission on a $400 product, you are still capped at $200 a sale, for example)

What I am going to let you in on is a chance to promote two extremely high-end programs that pay you thousands on every single sale.

Titanium Mastermind

Make $3,000 per sale
My sales team closes every deal for you
3-Day and 4-Night Wealth Building Retreat in Cabo San Lucas for you and your referred customers
Additional $2,000 Commission if you close the deal yourself (Total: $5,000 per sale!)
Make Six Figures with only 25 sales per year!

Platinum Mastermind

Make $5,000 per sale
My sales team closes every deal for you
5-Day and 6 Night Wealth Building Retreat in Costa Rica for you and your referred customers
Additional $4,000 Commission if you close the deal yourself (Total: $9,000 per sale!)
Make Six Figures with only 17 sales per year!

Why is Selling High-Ticket Items
the Quickest Way to Wealth?

Do you have any idea why $2000 programs I've created like "10,000 Leads" and "My Online Business Empire" have made the bulk of my sales?  (About 75%)

It all comes down to simple math:  Big Prices = Big Profits.

And with Platinum and Titanium, you are promoting (but not selling) a valuable and high-priced program to put thousands of dollars into your pocket with each single sale.

This is a program I've waited to put together for a very long time because I had to be absolutely sure I would get it right.

You see, I started off in something very similar back in my college days.

One summer, I joined a high-end direct sales program where I invested nearly $40,000 to join.  I completely wiped out my life savings and spent the next 6 months fighting tooth and nail to get it back.

I finally made my money back and started earning the cash I expected by using their system.  Nowadays, I'm doing very well for myself and my own company is projected for $20,000,000 over the next year.

However, the question that stayed on my mind was, "Why was it so hard to succeed the first time?"

I thought about it and realized that most high-end direct sales programs put the entire burden on you and that is not how I do business with anyone.

I decided that when I created a program like this, there would be certain unbreakable rules in place:

When I first discovered this type of business, you had to complete the entire sales process yourself... including finding the leads, emailing the leads, getting them on the phone several times, collecting payment information... and then finally you would get paid if nothing went wrong.

That is way too much pressure for anyone to handle.

So this is how I do things differently...

You Send Leads to my Opt-in Page and...
That's It!

I've been involved in direct sales and multi-level marketing for years.  So have some of my most influential mentors like Jonathan Budd.

You may have noticed that statistically, it's less than 1% that can make any money with network marketing or any direct sales organization.

The reason for this is that MLM requires you to have strong one-on-one sales ability.  Even if someone in your upline says, "It's not selling, it's sorting," you know that it's your job to persuade someone to put money down when they're not quite interested yet.

I fully acknowledge that it does take an enormous amount of sales ability to promote high-end products and that's why I only hire the top salespeople in the world and pay them top dollar.

One of my salespeople this year sold $4,000,000 worth of products completely over the phone.  If he gets on the phone with a lead from you, you can bet you'll be making money this week.

So to be clear, all you have to do is send people to our opt-in page for "Internet Marketing Revolution."  When they sign up, they will go through our funnel and receive a call from our sales team.  From there, they'll be presented with the MOBE Licensee Program, then Titanium & Platinum.

This is a funnel that has been tested and refined countless times for its effectiveness to maximize your chances of making money with each lead you send.

According to conservative industry averages... for every 6 MOBE Licensee customers we get from you, 2 of them will sign up for Titanium and 1 of them will sign up for Platinum.

Let's see how this plays out depending on what level you are playing at with us...

  MOBE Licensee Titanium Mastermind Consultant Platinum Mastermind Consultant
6 Prospects Buy MOBE License ($1,000 Commission Each)




2 Prospects Joint Titanium ($3,000 Commission Each)




1 Prospect Joins Platinum ($5,000 Each)




Total Commissions for those 6 Customers




Annual Income if this happens once a month




Annual Income if this happens twice a month




This means that if you are just a MOBE Licensee, you could be potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table that you could have just by upgrading to Titanium or Platinum status!

Keep in mind that this is conservatively based on what you are already doing as a MOBE Licensee.  It's possible that you are already referring traffic that converts into Platinum members but you're just not getting the commissions yet.

Remember that these deals are all being closed over the phone without you having to do anything.

Now if you want to close these deals yourself, you can (and I'll give you a bigger cut if you can make that happen) but there's no reason to put yourself under that type of pressure.  You never have to be on the phone, nervous, and praying that you get this one deal to make your money back.  I've been there and it's no fun.

As far as I'm concerned, once you have sent traffic to our opt-in page, your job is done and we will take over from there.  You can continue to market Platinum and Titanium to your list after they've opted in with us but all you really need to do is send them to us one time.  We have you covered.

Now let's get deeper into the high-end products you'll be marketing...

Your Product:

The Platinum & Titanium Mastermind Retreats
Give Your Customers 3-5 Days of Wealth-Building Paradise

When I decided to create a high-ticket item designed to put cash in your pocket, I called my team together to discuss how we would meet our objectives.  It was essential that we put on an event that would be worth the high ticket on its own and could allow you the opportunity to make those high commissions from promoting it.

I decided that I was going to give you and your customers a chance to rub shoulders with some of the richest, most successful people and learn the "backroom" strategies that wealthy people have been using for decades to quickly amass huge amounts of money with minimal effort.

This is not your typical "make money" seminar but one where key players in the money game share secrets that only the elite movers and shakers know about.

After calling in a ton of favors and using a mind-bending amount of persuasion, I put together the richest minds I could find and got them to agree to share their secrets with you and the people you introduce to the program.

Some of these speakers I may be able to share with you as we get closer to the event.  Others have requested confidentiality about their involvement.

Over five days in Costa Rica (or three days in Cabo for Titanium Mastermind), we are going to be covering every facet of becoming a millionaire from top to bottom... from discovering hidden investment opportunities, to dropping your taxes rock bottom, to creating a magnetic presence where wealth opportunities just come to you... all taught on an international island paradise with all lodging, food, entertainment, and other expenses paid for you.

"My total sales have been $93,824... so, that's not too bad for 3,000 clicks."

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-MOBE Platinum Review: Jonathan Budd, $17 million dollar online veteran, from San Diego.

A 3 to 5 Day Intensive Conference Where You Learn,
Feel, and Breath Millionaire Mindset Strategies

I can give you a taste of what you and your referred sales will experience in Costa Rica or Costa Rica this summer.  (Believe me, if your online prospects know you are the one who introduced them to the program, they'll be thanking you all week).

Bear in mind that the information content can be subject to change depending on what speakers have elected to talk about.  It's not uncommon for a speaker to discover an amazing money-making technique in the months before a retreat and want to put that ahead of his previously planned content.

Some of the subjects you and your prospects will master include:

Keeping Your Wealth In Your Pocket - Lowering Taxes to The Absolute Minimum.

Safe, High-Returning Investments the Rich Use (And Keep to Themselves)

Internet Marketing Strategies to Make Fast Money with Minimal Effort

Sales & Persuasion to Get the World Conspiring to Get You Rich

Debt-Melting Secrets

Inner Power & Lifestyle

You can see how this program will be immensely valuable to entrepreneurs in any field, whether it's investing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, info-products, and more.  This is a conference for everyone with an insatiable motivation to achieve, so you likely have people already on your list who will be very interested in hearing more about this.

Experience Wealth & Pure Freedom on an Island Paradise

Maybe you're wondering "Why tropical places like Costa Rica or Cabo San?  Why not  L.A... or Las Vegas?

There are a number of reasons for this.

For one thing, a tropical island like Costa Rica is a very popular destination for the very rich.  This is a place where millionaires like to meet... far away from their regular affairs... to make seven-figure or even eight-figure deals.

I want you and your fellow attendees to be completely surrounded by wealth building reference experiences... so you know how abundant life can be.

Cabo San Lucas is legendary for the level of affluence it attracts. Celebrities and billionaires buy homes there when they've officially "made it." Bill Gates is a regular visitor and stars like Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie buy multi-million dollar properties there.

Another big reason I want to get you there is because on a foreign island, you are completely out of your comfort zone...

And that's where the magic happens.

This will be no one's hometown. It's a spot where you won't be thinking about the day-to-day things.

The energy of these islands is breathtaking. These locations are relatively untouched by civilization and will put you and your new friends in the perfect mood to grow and expand as people, business owners, and wealth builders.

I want you to do more here than learn wealth and make contacts. I want you to see a different side of what life can be like and let you bathe yourself in abundance.

Once you've been through an experience like this, you will never look at life or business the same way again.

You'll look around at the beautiful trees, the blue sky, the pristine sand, and think, "This is how life should be. When I have my business dialed in, I can come here any time I want."

And if you're wondering about pricing, let me tell you...

After 4 weeks of being in Platinum: "To date I have just under $12,000 in commissions... yesterday I had a really good day, I actually made $8,000 in commissions.
I actually did nothing much to have those commissions...they were pure residual income."

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-MOBE Platinum Review: David Follini, USA

You Will Gain Your Investment Back
100 Times if You Do the Work

Platinum and Titanium should never cost anything, but there will be an investment required. Not just your time, but I'm asking you to make the same investment that you ask of your prospects.

If you're wondering if you can just sell tickets while home at your computer, without ever seeing Costa Rica or Cabo San Lucas yourself... the answer is yes, but it will cost you$40,000!

You can sign up as just being a re-seller only if you agree to forfeit your first five sales of both Platinum and Titaniumto your enrolling sponsor or whoever got credit for signing you up.

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Helen Avery, USA.

At the Titanium level, five sales is $15,000 you will leave on the table.

At the Platinum level, five sales is $25,000 you throw away...

Totaling you $40,000 in unpaid commissions... far more than if you bought several Platinum or Titanium Memberships for you and your best friend!

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Jenn Benninger, USA.

Now you may wonder why I find it so important that you become a member yourself before selling Titanium or Platinum. 

Here's why...

Since the beginning of when I went into business, I've always separated myself from the pack by leading with genuineness and integrity.

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Evelyn Jones, USA.

I've never sold anything I wouldn't buy myself and that goes for my closest students as well (that means you). This means that as a member of Titanium or Platinum Mastermind, you will be attending the same events and making the same initial investment.

Let me tell you something...

You can't sell a high-ticket item if you have never bought a high-ticket item.

It's a different psychology. There's an abundance mindset that you adopt when you spend a week in Costa Rica for the Annual Platinum Mastermind Retreat or three days in Cabo San Lucas for Titanium and that's what I need you to adopt here.

Now this is my goal for you...

My Team Closes Every Deal For You
Then Hands you a 4-Figure Check

"In my first week, I had 2 Titanium sales, and I had 2 Platinum sales... and I also had a MOBE License sale, so a total of $17,000. Now I'm on track for my first $20,000 month"

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-MOBE Platinum Review: David Gilks, from Perth, Australlia.

Yes, you never have to be on the phone with someone who joins Titanium or Platinum and gets you that large commission.You may see them at future events but they won't recognize you. You'll just smile when you see their nametag, knowing you've taken a huge part in their future (And maybe you'll buy them a beer for getting you such a huge commission).

In my world, we work as a team and that means all of us are part of something greater.

My phone-sales team is world class... indisputably the best at what they do... but they're not marketers like you and I. That's why I have them on the phone and you in the online marketing trenches with me.

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Bruce Marifield, USA.

Here's the process:

  1. You upgrade to Titanium or Platinum Status and plan on attending your annual retreat.
  2. You follow the straightforward step-by-step procedure I walk you through at the event and in our follow-up afterwards, getting targeted leads into our system.
  3. My phone team follows up on the leads, makes the calls for you, and closes the sales.
  4. You get $3,000-5,000 wired directly into your bank account.

"...that weekend I made 2 MOBE License Rights sales. One of those upgraded to Titanium and Platinum, which resulted in almost $12,000 in commissions... I'm blown away. I did not have to pick up the phone, and the system is set up in such a way that I can keep doing this."

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-MOBE Platinum Review: Robby Gonzalez, USA.

You just repeat this process again and again... and that's how you make those hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.

Now, if you've met me in person, you may have noticed I sometimes carry a large diamond ring on my right hand. It's not that I'm flashy or like to show off, but it's a mark of pride.

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Junjun Li, USA.

This $10,000 ring was given to me when I had sold $100,000 worth of memberships in my first high-end direct-sales program (the one where I invested $40,000 to start).

And this is what I want to offer to you when you have done the same thing in my program. I want to reward you for your efforts in every way and let the world know what you've accomplished.

I want to see you wearing a ring like this:

This ring is only available for star performers of the Platinum Mastermind. At future events the ones who walk with this ring will stand a cut away from the rest, showing newer marketers worldwide what's possible with the right courage, dedication, and perseverance. You are reading this letter because I believe you are of the caliber to do this.

Join a Business Opportunity that
Pays You Like a CEO for Part-Time Work

I want to add that a great part of our Platinum and Titanium programs is that once you've received your commission, you're DONE for that sale.  There's no chance of your prospects refunding and we will never ask for a commission back, no matter what happens.  You can go on to more and more sales, which get easier and easier as you apply the techniques I teach you for getting leads into our sales funnel.

"I got fully positioned [in Platinum] since Day 1. And today, I just checked my commissions, and I've made 27K in commissions with MOBE, which is awesome and amazing for me."

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Junjun Li, USA.

This also means there is no refund for the Platinum or Titanium for anyone.  If you are on board with me, I expect your full commitment without looking back.

I've put my full commitment these elite mastermind events myself, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in moving my team, staff, and speakers to Costa Rica and arranging food, lodging, and entertainment for everyone involved.

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Shelley Belcourt, New Zealand.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. This is an event for winners who expect the best of everything in life. If you are accepted as a member of the Platinum or Titanium Mastermind, I will know from your investment of both your time and money that you are someone who will implement everything I teach you and soon be wearing that diamond ring of achievement.

This is why I don't let regular affiliates sell this program, even though I could potentially make more profit that way. I deeply care about the integrity of this program and that means I need to meet every member of Platinum Mastermind face to face and train you directly.

And to get you to your wealth goals even faster, I have for you...

"...unfortunuately, I wasn't paying all that much attention [when Matt introduced Titanium and Platinum], and it turned out to be a really big mistake... I literally lost 3 different [Titanium] $3,000 commissions... and, I guess I started paying attention after that.

Since then I got fully invested... there's been a couple of Titanium sales, a couple of Platinum sales, and the other day Matt emailed me and told me I'd made another $8,000 commission.

Anyone who's in the MOBE License Rights program, get positioned in Titanium and Platinum - because the phone team will sell your folks either way."

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Andrea Goodsaid, USA.

Three Mind-Shattering Bonuses to Guarantee
You Get to Complete Financial Abundance

Bonus 1: $60,000 in 60 Days Training

Value: $2000

You might be wondering, "How am I going to promote these high-end offers?"

Well, the good news is that you can continue to send traffic the way you were doing before as a MOBE Licensee and still make hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year. My sales team will close the deals for you so you have nothing to worry about.

However, I want to make absolutely sure you hit the ground running and make as much as is humanly possible with this program.

This is why I developed a separate training course for you on how to promote the Platinum and Titanium Masterminds.

In this multi-media course, I will take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how to build a database of hungry leads who will be waiting by the phone for my sales team to sign them up for the program.

The secret to winning in this program is not using fancy marketing tricks and it sure as hell isn't hard work.

It's about targeting and I am going to give you the full insider information on how to flush my sales team with leads that get you those regular multi-thousand dollar commissions.

The goal is that you gain 12 sales in 2 months, which is very manageable... resulting in $60,000 being deposited into your checking account in the first 60 days.

From there you can do the same thing again and again... or double your goal and make $60,000 in 30 days.

Bonus 2: 1,500 clicks for this Convention GIVEN to You.

Value: $2,250

I've covered list building extensively in all my programs and I am going to make absolutely sure you understand the mechanics of email marketing completely.

However, one thing I've learned time and again is that "rich get richer" in all areas of business and that includes your email marketing platform.

For whatever reason, metaphysical or psychological, it's much easier to build a list once you have one in place already. The magic number seems to be 1,000. Once you hit that many subscribers, you have real momentum.

So I am going to give you a click package that will make you a list of leads. They are already in my database to be sold on the Annual Platinum Mastermind and you can sell them whatever else you want. They are your leads and we'll never take them away from you, no matter what happens.

      With this list you can:

Now, is it possible that three of those leads will sign up for Platinum Mastermind and make you your investment back without you having to do anything at all?

It is definitely possible, and I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen for a number of people present at the next event. However, I would not depend on this. You are in business for yourself and you need to keep building your list and nurturing it. This is a head-start I'm giving you, not a handout... even if some will be very lucky and make profits right out of the gate.

Bonus 3: 10-Week Phone-Selling Course and a Chance to be on My Sales Team!

Value: $1,500

I have a confession to make: I give a lot of money away to people who make me money, and that includes my sales consultants.

I have a top sales team who live and breath by closing high-end deals. They're so good I can count on them to sell just about any product and I pay them well.

Now I want to give you a chance to be on this sales team, where you can earn up to $4,000 for an hour-long sales call. My current sales team members make $4,000 for closing a Platinum sale and $2,000 for selling Titanium over the phone.

Absolutely everyone who joins Titanium or Platinum will have a chance to get on my sales team and make those $2,000-$4,000 commissions, possibly daily if you're good enough. This is in addition to the $3,000-5,000 commissions you are making from sending us leads that convert into high-end sales.

Putting this together, this means that if you close your own leads, even your free ones from Bonus #2, you will get a combined $5,000 per sale for selling the Titanium Mastermind, and an unbelievable $9,000 for selling Platinum!

I can only imagine what your wealth might be if you call your own list of 1,000 leads with the potential of making $9,000 for each sale.

And I am going to ensure your success by making sure you're coached on the exact techniques my salespeople use to regularly close deals like this.

This is my brand new 10-Week High-End Sales Training Program.

The benefits of this course will help you in not just sales but every single aspect of your business.

This course will help your copywriting.

This course will help your marketing.

This course will skyrocket your business no matter what field you're in.

I am giving you the keys to persuasion for high-ticket sales and telling you what causes someone to be eager to drop $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 at once. Do you think that might be useful to your business?

I've included this bonus for a number of reasons. For one, I love having product owners and seminar attendees turning into full partners with me in my business. I know people who love my work will promote it the most enthusiastically and genuinely.

Secondly, I meet a lot of people like you at my events, who have great personalities and I know would shine in high-ticket sales if they just had the right training and encouragement. My goal is to develop students like you in every way possible, and I know you have potential in this area.

So to give you a complete breakdown of what you get in each program:

Program Benefits

Titanium Platinum
License to Make $1,000 Selling MOBE Resale Rights
License to Make $3,000 Selling Titanium
License to Make $5,000 Selling Platinum  
Wealth Building Retreat in Tropical Location 3 Days in Cabo San Lucas 5 Days in Costa Rica
Hundreds of Leads Given to You 750 Clicks included 1,500 Clicks included
10-Week Phone Selling Course to help you make up to $9,000 commissions for selling to your own leads  
Chance to be on my phone sales team and make $2,000-4000 extra per call
"$60,000 in 60 Days" Training Course to Guarantee Success  
Minimum Income for 40 Sales a Year $160,000 $240,000


How Many $5,000 Sales Did You Miss Out on Today?

By this time next year, there will be two types of people in my MOBE Licensee Program. Some will be happily making large amounts of income, completely by promoting Platinum and Titanium memberships and needing far less effort to do so because their earned commissions per item are so high.

The other half will go on with their lives, completely unaware that every day that goes by without being a Platinum or Titanium member, they are leaving money on the ground and could be losing out on thousands of dollars a week.

The worst case scenario would be that some of the leads you're sending us already turn into Platinum members and you're not getting compensated for them. That's tens of thousands of dollars that could be yours without you doing anything.

That's not what I want for you.

I want you to be part of something greater. My business is going straight into the $20,000,000 per year sales mark and I would love you to be a key player in it.

People can sometimes let fear or procrastination get in the way of something like this and it can cost them quite a bit in the long run, wouldn't you agree?

So if you are truly committed to being wealthy... and you really are willing to do whatever it takes to be a powerful entrepreneur and have the lifestyle you've fought so hard for, then you need to apply for this program right now.

Apply and let us know you are interested in applying for the Platinum Mastermind or Titanium Mastermind. We accept new people on a limited basis and will want to verify that you are a good fit for the program.

Apply To Become A Mastermind Member

Looking forward to seeing your success.


Matt Lloyd

P.S. -I want to remind you that I went through a program just like this when I was starting out, only it was much harder and I had to close every lead myself. I've done everything possible to take the difficult parts out for you. If while in the program there's anything I can do to make it easier for you to make your commissions, just let me know and my staff and I will do whatever we can to help.

P.P.S - Feel free to ask absolutely any questions on the phone about the Titanium and Platinum Memberships. We're here to make sure you understand everything and succeed.

Apply To Become A Mastermind Member

"I made 11k in one week without doing anything other than sending a few clients to MOBE"

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- MOBE Platinum Review: Athar Roshan, Pakistan.