Who Won $10,000.00 in Cash for 7 Day Contest

Awesome effort guys, thank you so much for getting behind this promotion.

Over 50 MOBE Partners are now earning a residual income stream from this 1 week contest, which is awesome.  Many are brand new to internet marketing, and, have never made money online before.

Sometimes these contests are very close, and, someone will come in last minute and win.

Other times, the top partners will be leading all the way through.

In this case, we had a clear cut winner – the same guy who recently took home  a $120,000 Mercedes (see MobeMerc.com for how you can get one too).

Allow me to present MOBE’s top talent:

Announcing the Top 10 MOBE Partners For The March ‘Inner Circle’ Contest…

1st: John Chow (Platinum Member)

Prize Money earned in 7 days Contest:  $10,000

Number of Inner Circle subscriptions brought in: 23

Congratulate John here:  https://www.facebook.com/johnchow

John, you know how to bring in sales better than anyone else I know.  From day 1 you got behind this contest, so, congratulations on taking the first prize, you deserve it.

NOTE:  John will be one of the main speakers at the upcoming MOBE License Event, March 22nd, in San Diego… get your tickets HERE.


John, you’ve won:

– $10,000 Cash

Following John was…

2nd: Terry Lamb

Congratulate Terry here:  https://www.facebook.com/terry.lamb.1293

There was no sign of Terry on leaderboards until the last few hours of the contest, where I noticed his sales increasing- fast.

But, it was a litle late… if the contest had gone for another 12 hours, who knows what the final result would have been.

Congratulations Terry, you’ve won:

– Apple MacBook Air

Following just a few sales behind Terry, was…

3rd: Vincenzo Lasalvia


Congratulate Vincenzo here:  https://www.facebook.com/vincentlasalvia

Vincenzo, I have been watching you get higher and higher on these leaderboards, and it”s good to see you making the Top 3 partners, against some very talented marketers.

I look forward to seeing where you finish in the next one…

Congratulations Vincenzo, you’ve won:

– Drobo 5N – The Faster, Easier Drobo for Your Network

Following Vincenzo, we had a four way tie and we had to go to most revenue generated…

4th: Brandon Ellis

Congratulate Brandon here:  http://www.facebook.com/brandonellistv

This is the second contest Brandon has participated in, and, he’s been in the top 5 in both of them.

Brandon, you’ve won: 

-Leather Briefcase (BriefBag FS) Porsche Design P2000 CERVO

Tieing with Brandon but a little behind in total revenue was…

5th: Cory Boatright (Platinum Member)


Congratulate Cory here:  http://www.facebook.com/shortsaleology

Cory has just got into the internet marketing niche.  He has ran some very big online business’s in other niches, so, once he finds his groove we’ll be seeing him right at the top.

Cory, you’ve won:

– $500 in advertising, sent to your MOBE License Rights links…

Tieing in number of sales but slightly falling in total revenue was

6th: Mary-Lou McComas (Platinum Member)

Congratulate Mary-Lou McComas here: http://www.facebook.com/marylouise.mccomas

Mary, I remember meeting you for the first time at ‘Online Income Revolution’ in early 2012… you were very new to internet marketing, but, you put in the work, and you’ve come a long way.  You should be very pleased with yourself for making the top 6 partners…

Mary-Lou McComas, you’ve won:

– Rip Curl Berlin Surf Watch

(Mary – if you like, I can just sent you cash : )  I’m not sure if you’re into surfing or if this watch is your style… just let me know)

Following Mary was…

7th: Scott Ewart (Titanium Member)

Congratulate Scot here:  http://www.facebook.com/scottewartmarketing

Well done Scott… look forward to meeting you at the Titanium Mastermind later this year…

Scott, you’ve won:

-Nabi – XD Tablet with 16GB Memory – White/Silver

We had another tie for 8th position, so we decided to go for most revenue generated and following Scott was…

8th:  Justin Trombold


Congratulate Justin Trombold here:  http://www.facebook.com/justintrombold

Justin Trombold, you’ve won: 

-Native Union Silver MM04i Desktop Speakers and Conference phone

Tieing with Justin but little behind in revenue was

9th: Osahon Urubusi (Platinum Member)


Congratulate Osahon Urubusi here: https://www.facebook.com/urubusi

Osahon Urubusi, you’ve won: 

Kindle Fire Tablet

Following right behind was…

10th: Jonathan Budd (Platinum Member)

Congratulate Jonathan here:  http://www.facebook.com/jonathanbudd

Jonathan, you’ve won:

– A set of steak knives


Congratulations To The Following Partners, Who Also Made Sales, And Can Now Look Forward To A Residual Income Stream…

Junjun Li (Platinum Member)

Carolina Millan


Deborah Robertson (Titanium Member)


Theraton Barucha


Serene Chen


Robby Gonzalez (Platinum Member)



Marlon Nuqui


 Justin Tillman


Ken Faminoff


Ernest Dalby


Kristen Darkenwald

Sheldon Gray


Drew Trainor


David Gilks


Bobbi Doubet


Jagan Krishnan


Morgan Clark


Emmanuel Kalunga


Pierre Beaudoin


Tiji Thomas


Ray Casey (Titanium Member)


Pat Salby

Phil Matthew (Titanium Member)



Ron Chordigian


Kelvin Nikkel



Konstantinos Kastanas


Michelle Cappiello



Russell Armstrong (Platinum Member)


Chris Pambos (Titanium Member)



Rae Andrews


Daegan Smith



Danny L’Heureux (Platinum Member)


Virgil Cook



Brian Price (Platinum Member)


Kunjal Kanabar



Mike Goebel


Bryan Doyle




Jenny Jordan (Titanium Member)



To ALL of my MOBE partners, again, thank you for your support.

I hope to meet you at our upcoming MOBE License Rights event… even if you’re not a Licensee, you’re welcome to come.  Tickets here:


COMING SOON (in the next 7 days):  We’ll be having a new contest… big cash bonus’s, for as little as 3 sales!

I’ll be in touch…

– Matt Lloyd